• 2017

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  • 2016

    07/01Junchao Brrand has been published ,which took 3 years for preparation. 
    2/28【Pazhou Palace】The first house has been handed over.
    3/01The foundation pit of Project  A001 of Guangzhou International  Finacial City has started.
  • 2015

    4/14Junchao Property Holdings Limited has been  registered formally .
    7/01【Pazhou Palace】Launched acomprehensive campaign to stimulate sales and  got a flying start.
    12/18【Lipinhui】has been sealed smoothly as scheduled.
  • 2014

    05Movend to Plot A001 of Guangzhou International  FinacialCity Starting Area asits workplace.
    12/18Started planning thebrand strategy of Junchao Property Holdings Limited.
  • 2013

    02/07Afterseveral rounds of competition,its Lianhong  Enterpricse (Guangzhou)co., LTD got the development rights of Plot A001of Guangzhou International  Finacial City Starting Area by 3.99 billion yuan.
    07/01Formally started to build Junchao Property Holdings Limited, seperatly managing projects of three companys: Lianhong  Enterpricse (Guangzhou)co., LTD, Huaqiang Enterpricse (Guangzhou)co., LTD  ,and Xinquancheng Enterpricse (Guangzhou)co.,LTD,which by now has built a business structure of a collaborative development in the three mainproduct categories, namely housing development ,commercial buildings and city complex.
  • 2004

    2011Xinquancheng Enterpricse (Guangzhou)co., LTD was set up .
    2010Guolian Property ManagementLimited(Guangzhou)was set up.
    2005Huaqiang Enterpricse (Guangzhou)co., LTD was set up .
    2004Lianhong  Enterpricse (Guangzhou)co., LTD was set up .

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