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Company's Vision

【Built  to last, one hundred enterprises】

Take our company into a Century enterprise  .
The Mission of Enterprise

【Together with you ,to build a better life】

With supplier partners, customers , staff, etc., promote win-win cooperation and jointly build a better life.

Core Value

【Grow through centreries, go beyond the self, stay  innovative and enterprising, bring benefits to society】

Grow through centreries: Take our company into a Century enterprise with great responsibility towards society;
Go beyond the self: Both the company and staffs need to take the courage to go beyond themselves;
Stay  innovative and enterprising: Inovation and enterprising spirit is the precondition of sustainable development of enterprises;
Bring benefits to society:The highest state enterprise is to create wealth for society


Management idea 

【Honesty、Cooperation、Inovation 、Service】

Honesty: The partnership needs  honesty  to achieve win-win goals;
Cooperation: The membership needs all of us be united as one;
Inovation: The career needs us stay innovative and pursue outstanding quality.
Service:The clients needs us to provide the best service and be better together.


Develoopment Strateges

【Diversification strategy direction, multiple formats of business advantages】

Setting commercial real estate as the core, to establish a set of financial investment 、real estate、 healthy industry、 property management in the integration of diversified development platform.

【Develoopment Strateges in 20 years】

Within 10 years:to become famous company of Guangzhou real estate industry.
Within 20 years:to become famous company of Chinese real estate industry.

Talent Concept

【people-oriented、choose people without overstressing qualifications、appoint people on their merit】

Uphold the people-oriented Work with the idea of combining teaching, to cultivate capable young talent, provide staff with broad development platform, efforts to build a high efficient staff of good quality  


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