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Junchao Mall

 Developed by Lianhong Enterpricse (Guangzhou)co., LTD ,Junchao Mall,which located at Guangzhou International Finacial City ,is right on the cross of Huangpu Avenue and Keyun Road in Tianhe District.

【Building volume】

The  project covers an area of 24288 square meters, the total construction area is 350000 square meters, with a total investment of RMB 10 billion.The gross area of the shopping center  is approximately 128000 square meters,which includes  9 layers on the ground,and 2 layers underground; For the 320 - meter - high super grade a office tower, the building area achieves 130000 square meters, with a 3 floor underground parking lot, seting up 1500 parking spaces.

【Product Positioning】

The project will become a new landmark of Guangzhou International  Finacial City,providing services for the surrounding and the whole city, radiation radiation to the PRD and the number of  cities . Combining retail ,experience catering, entertainment and leisure  Business travel together.

 Exit B,Keyunlu subway station


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