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Two Piers Will Be Built In Guangzhou International Financial City

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January, 11, 2017 4:22, Dayoo website, Guangzhou daily  

Guangzhou daily news (Du Juan reported): Two piers will be built in the starting area of financial district AND strengthen the important spots connecting Pazhou exhibition. Yesterday, terminal engineering project of the starting area in Finance City began the evaluation. These two pies are located in ninth pier located in the land of thermal power plant and yacht club terminal that is 600 meters apart. Ninth pier serves as bus dock during the day and at night as the Pearl River night cruise terminal. The yacht club public marina terminal is planned as the public yacht dock to develop high-end business tourism in the Finance City. The total investment of this project is 94 million yuan, and it is expected to complete in December, 2018.

The effect map of starting area in Finance City

Small parking lot nearby terminal

The evaluation shows that total land area is 19761 square meters, among which ninth pier covers an area of 15100 square meters that is planned for a cruise ship terminal. And yacht club terminal covers an area of 4661 square meters that is planned for the yacht dock. Ninth pier is on the west of yacht club terminal. They are 600 meters apart.

In the day, ninth pier serves as bus dock and acts as the important spots connecting Pzhou exhibition to form water buses. At night, it serves as the pier of night cruise yachts to form an attractive environment of business tourism and entertainment. Land area of ninth pier covers an area of 15100 square meters; water area is 16436 square meters with its shoreline 107 meters long. Its construction involves 2 1000-gross-tonnage yacht berths (and by water bus) and the corresponding supporting facilities, which includes a 12-story building that is used for waiting room, tourist room, ticketing room, surveillance room, operation department. Ecological parking lot is located in the west of project, with 30 car parking spots. 700 -square-meter land is reserved in the project on the north for rail site.

It is expected that the number of tourist in ninth pier in Pearl River reaches 280000, the number of operating day is 320 and the number of tourist is 875 per day. It is expected that the number of people riding on water buses is 1.67 million, the number of operating day is 320 and the number of tourist is 5218per day. The number of people working in ninth pier is 30 and the number of customers is 6093 per day. 

Development of high-end business tourism

Yacht club terminal is positioned as the public yacht dock to develop high-end business tourism in the Finance City. Land area of yacht club terminal covers an area of 4661 square meters, and water area covers 15475 square meters with its shoreline 197 meters long. And its construction involves for 22 yachts berths and corresponding facilities.

The supporting structures of the Yacht club terminal covers the area of 200 square meters, which is one single building that is used for management USES room, surveillance room and other facilities. Ships that berth are mainly small and medium-sized ones. According to the project proposal, provided by the construction unit, the number of yachts in the terminal is expected to reach 38, and the number of people taking part in yacht activity is 57000 per year. The number of operating day is 320, the number of people is 178 per day, and there are 15 people serving in yacht club wharf.

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